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We are a private healthcare membership association. Take control of your own health by becoming a member today!
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CornerstoneCodes is a Private Healthcare Membership Association. As such our services are offered exclusively to our members.

Our goal in creating this association is to educate our members so that they make informed decisions about their own healthcare.

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About Our Association

As members we proclaim the freedom to choose and perform for ourselves the types of modalities that we think best for achieving and maintaining optimum wellness. We also proclaim and reserve the right to include health options that include but are not limited to cutting edge modalities practiced or used by any type of healers or practitioners the world over traditional or nontraditional whether conventional or unconventional.

The mission of our Association is to provide members with the highest level of quality care and the most effective methods of care. Our Association understands that wellness has many dimensions and strives every day to stay on the leading edge of new products and technology. The Association provides advanced products and technologies for assessing a member’s health and provides the most effective care at an affordable fee.

We do not treat, cure or diagnose our members. If you have a serious medical condition, you should seek professional medical attention.