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CornerstoneCodes featured on Spooky SAMA


In June 2020, John White, the creator of Spooky2 Rife frequency software and hardware system approached Brad Rothman of CornerstoneCodes to discuss the use of Autonomic Response Testing in combination with Spooky2. Below is the SAMA (Spooky Ask Me Anything) Episode in which we discuss the principles of ART and how we use it to analyze imbalances in the body.

NOTE: Sound is a bit choppy for the first few minutes, but improves shortly after.

Notes from SAMA:

5 levels of Health

Physical body

  1. Sciences: Structural mechanics and biochemistry.
  2. Diagnostic: Lab work, physical exam, 5 senses.
  3. Treatment: drugs, supplements, herbs, physiotherapy, chiropractic

Energetic body

  1. Magnetic field of the heart is extends out infinitely. As current passes through nerves of the body it creates magnetic fields, and visa versa. We affect each other as your magnetic fields interact with my nerves, inducing electrical current. Chakras, meridians, bio-photon field.
  2. Sciences: Physics and physiology.
  3. Diagnostics: EKG, EEG, HRV, thermography, MRI, x-ray, muscle testing.
  4. Over 100 documented cases of MRIs picking up what appears to be masses, but in surgery they cannot be found.
  5. Treatment: acupuncture, sound, ultrasound, lasers, frequencies.

Mental body

  1. Comprised of learning, traumas, thoughts, mental stressors.
  2. Sciences: psychology and classical homeopathy
  3. Diagnostics: Counseling, psychiatrists, muscle testing
  4. Treatment: Talking, drugs prescribed but not very effective. APN and MFT.

Intuitive body

  1. Abstract, Symbolic, numbers, family dynamics, art, family constellations. Trans-personal (interconnected with all). Transcends time and space.
  2. Sciences: Mathematics
  3. Treatment: art, re-establishing connection with estranged relationships

Spirit body

  1. Relates to the individual connection to God
  2. Sciences: faith, religion
  3. Phil 2:12: “…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling;”

Law of downward causation

When there is any imbalance on any of the upper 4 levels, there will inevitably be a manifestation of the imbalance in the bottom level, being the physical body. Dealing with the imbalances on the level the imbalances originate is really the only way to properly heal the physical manifestation. Of course other treatments and therapies can help mask the symptoms to make them less apparent.


Scripture refers to God as the Light of this World, and I believe that as humans we are light beings created in the image of God.

Regardless of believes though, biophysics has proven that our bodies emit light. Professor Fritz Albert-Popp is a very well published bio-physicist, studying the physics of life.

He has found that healthy cells emit polarized light, that comes out in a sagittal plane. This light is highly organized and coherent and is referred to as bio-photon emissions.

We know that light is a bi-directional carrier of information. Fiber optics, barcode scanners, etc. These bio-photon carry information about what going on in the body. One photon can carry more information than all the libraries of the world.

Unhealthy cells lose the ability to polarize light, long before physical symptoms are developed.

In ART we use a linear polarization filter to interact with the body’s bio-photon emissions.

The clear square blocks are called signal enhancers and they amplify and enhances bio-photon emissions if any substance placed on it. It’s got a perfectly crystalline structure; every molecule is the exact same distance apart.

When the pol filter is on the signal enhancer above the ahead, the ambient room light can only go through the filter in the vertical plane, which matches a healthy bodies plane. This creates a relaxing and healing state in the body called a yin state. The yin state manifests in a weak arm. We use the presence of the yin state to determine if regulation is open or not


There are really 3 parts to our nervous system: sympathetic, parasympathetic and enteric.

Sympathetic: awake and alert, aware of our surroundings. Fight or flight.

Parasympathetic: unconscious body functions like breathing, heart beating, digestion, and healing

Enteric: nervous system of the gut, connected to the brain via the vagus nerve.

Regulation of the nervous system is of extreme importance.

Hypothermia example

Autonomic Response Testing

Muscle testing leverages the phenomenon of subtle changes in muscle strength when different stimuli are presented to the body. The body is like a binary computer. Either a muscle is strong, or it’s not.

The real art of muscle testing is learning how to interpret these changes. In my opinion classical muscle testing systems such as Applied Kinesiology have immature interpretations. Most muscle testing systems interpret a weak arm as bad. Period.

Put yourself in a hypothetical hot tub for 45 mins, and tell me, do you feel strong? Of course not… you’ll feel like jello. But this is a very relaxed and healing state. The parasympathetic system is dominant, taking blood away from the muscles to heal and to digest.

But if you’re feeling weak when after a night’s sleep and you can’t get out of bed in the morning, that’s not a good type of weakness.

So understanding how to interpret the body’s strength becomes very important, and this is what ART teaches.

When we first start testing we use the pol filter on the SE to test regulation. The expectation here is that we should have a weak arm, because the polarized light should relax the body. If the arm is strong, the nervous system is uptight and stressed, and we need to find remedies or interventions to relieve that stress. Once we have a weak arm we can test different stimuli and stressors. Anything that causes the arm to go strong while the pol filter is on, is blocking regulation, and therefore very bad.

In a normal state, with no stimuli we expect the arm muscle to be strong, and able to resist pressure. If a stressor is presented to the body, the muscle will go weak (assuming regulation is open). In the same way, if a neutral or healing stimuli is presented the arm may stay strong, or if it’s extremely healing it may put you into a yin state causing a weak arm (like the hot-tub).

Accurate muscle testing requires consistent pressure, so we lean into the muscle being tested as body weight does not fluctuate between tests.

Brad Rothman

Founding member of CornerstoneCodes, Brad is a well-respected researcher in the field of frequency transmission, non-linear scanning and other forms of bio-feedback. Like Batman, Brad has two occupations. By day he is a software development engineer, and by night he is a wellness catalyst and frequency researcher

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