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CornerstoneCodes is a private healthcare membership association. The founding members set forth on a mission to make non-invasive, highly effective healthcare alternative technologies available to the public.

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(Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the 5 levels of health?

To really understand this, first you need to understand that our being is comprised of 5 different levels of health.

The 1st or densest level is the physical body. The physical body is the foundation upon which everything else rests. It is our connection to the earth and the source of our physical energy. Supplements, pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries, chiropractic adjustments all operate in the 1st level (they work in a bio-chemical or bio-physical way). Most medical doctors operate almost exclusively in the first level.

The 2nd level is the energy body. Within it is the summation of all electric and magnetic events caused by the activity of the nervous system. Most nerves in the body travel in the longitudinal axis of the body and create electric fields along these nerves. The magnetic fields created by these forces travel perpendicular to this axis into space. Even though their strength decreases with distance from the body, they extend into space beyond the skin, theoretically into infinity. The most profound new knowledge on this level comes from the world-renowed physicist Fritz-Albert Popp: each cell emits biophotons (that is to say “life-light”, which is highly coherent and polarized). The biophoton field created by the light emissions around the body regulates most metabolic enzymes inside the cells. It modulates neural transmission, neurotransmitter releases, detoxification and many other body functions. The 2nd level is easily disturbed by Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) which create electro-smog. Working on the acupunture meridians of the body is an example of a treatment on the 2nd level.

The 3rd level we call the mental body or “mental field”. Beliefs, attitudes and thoughts form and organize this level. There is an individual mental field and a consensus field (consensus reality). Rupert Sheldrake has named this level morphic field. Every idea or thought ever thought goes into this field and becomes part of an invisible library that can be accessed by anyone. Sheldrake has published his experiments in several books and scientific publications. Every emotion (2nd level) is preceded by a perception and a thought or chain of thoughts. Thoughts trigger emotions and other energy body changes, which in turn trigger change in the physical body (1st level). Disconnecting clients from the consensus field of their symptoms is the key in the 3rd level.

The 4th level is a level beyond the mind and beyond language. It is the home of near-death experiences, archetypes, spirit possession, ecstatic states and the expression of unresolved trans-generational family issues. The highest level at which an interaction between practitioner and client is possible is the 4th level.

The 5th level is the spirit body. The only relationship that exists here is the relationship between the individual and God. The fifth level is our interaction with the part of God that reaches toward the individual regardless of all his or her flaws, strengths and idiosyncrasies.

Why is energy healing important?

Energy healing is healing that takes place on the 2nd level (see “What are the 5 levels of health?” above). Of all of the levels, the 2nd level tends to get neglected the most. Western medical doctors don’t acknowledge the presence, let alone the importance of the 2nd level. However, medical sciences in the East (Russia, China, India, and Japan) have embraced the presence of the 2nd level and have been working for millenia on ways to treat it. The most commonly known treatment is acupunture which works by stimulating or sedating various energy pathways that run through the body called meridians.

Meridians came become disturbed or blocked by things like unresolved conflict, unprocessed emotions, electro-smog. In the same way a 2nd level problem will eventually cause a physical (1st level) problem, the 2nd level can also manifest issues because of issues in higher levels.

What is muscle testing and why is it important?

Muscle testing is a form of biofeedback that allows us to “talk” to the body by measuring relative muscle strength. When we’re communicating with the body in it’s native language, it can provide incredibly accurate information (provided you know how to interpret the results of the muscle test).

Have you ever tried speaking to someone that doesn’t speak your language? It may as well be gibberish, right? So it is with the body… We first have to make sure the body is willing and able to understand what we’re trying to ask it. This process is called “opening regulation”. Effectively through the process of opening regulation we are removing any barriers to open and clear communication with the body. This is most often done by tapping various acupunture points/meridians.

Once regulation is open we can start muscle testing to determine root causes of disease, organs that may be under/over performing, environmental toxicities, whether pathogens are present, and what solutions will cancel out any problems that are found.

What makes your services unique?

Many of the clients we see have gone through the ringer. They’ve been to the medical doctors, they’ve seen the specialists, and turn away disappointed and without answers. This is because the medical establishment has been trained up with only the physical body in mind.

We aim to use various methods of biofeedback to gain insight into the root causes of the diseases and problems people face. We very rarely tackle a problem by looking at the physical symptoms our clients are having. We use the latest technologies and muscle testing techniques to analyse the physical and energetic states of our clients, which often gives results more accurate than lab tests which can cost thousands.

What benefits do some members experience?

We strive to offer our members the very best knowledge and resources to help them on their way to wellness. Results do vary, but we believe that has more to do with the level of commitment put forth from our members. Often supplementation is required to help the body, and various protocols may be suggested. Those that follow through with the protocols often see miraculous results. Sometimes results happen overnight, sometimes they can take months, it’s really dependent on the individual.

What should I expect at a session?

A session is usally broken up into a couple parts. We usually start with an NLS scan which can take anywhere from 30-80 minutes. The results of the NLS scan will be analysed at the end of the session and information the body needs may be imprinted into a small bottle of water. While the NLS scan is taking place we concurrently talk to our members to determine what the focus of the session should be.

Once the NLS is complete, the session shifts into using the use of a muscle testing technique called Autonomic Response Testing (ART) pioneered by the brilliant Dr Dietrich Klinghardt. ART allows us to open regulation, find and verify the presence of toxins, determine which organs are not functioning correctly, make corrections by tapping various acupuncture meridians, and figure out which supplements are needed to correct any issues present.

Once supplements have been determined and a tapping protocol established, our members are exposed to a Scalar field which is an extremely healing type of energy field. The Scalar technology was pioneered by Nikola Tesla and it has the ability to modulate (carry) the biological information contained within the supplements into every cell of the members body.

If pathogens are found, a DNA sample in the form of a finger nail may be collected. Frequency transmission via remotes may then be initiated with the goal of destroying the pathogen via resonance.

We always send a summary of what we learned and the recommended protocols via email.

How many sessions should one expect to need?

It is not the goal of our association to have our members back every week on a never ending cycle. We would prefer to only see our members once every 6 weeks (if the member deems it necessary). Chronic conditions may require several visits, but normally an acute condidtion would only require 1-2 sessions.

Why haven't I heard of this before?

Medical doctors are very limited in what they can offer to their patients. Western doctors that have used the technologies which we make available to our members have been threatened with losing their medical licenses. Pharmaceutical companies stand to lose billions through the use of these methods, and therefore lobby very hard to ensure they stay on top. This primarily shows up in ways that mock methods as quackery or attempt to personally discredit pioneers in the field.

That said, many of the technologies we have available are used in the East in hospital settings and are a part of the medical tools available.

We develop personalized wellness protocols

Our process typically starts with one or more types of bio-feedback scans. This gives us a baseline of your energetic state of being. We can then analyze that data to find the solutions that best fit your needs. Possible solutions include frequency transmission, meta-therapy, homeopathy, lithography, phytotherapy, and reading energetic numbers.

We find that using a multi-faceted approach works best when dealing with the energetic body. The body is an extremely complex system, and as such, approaching a given wellness problem from multiple angles seems to bring a more complete restoration of balance.


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